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“When we’ve been faced with a tight deadline on large portfolio acquisitions, we have called in Cody Realty Advisors to assist us with due diligence (lease abstraction) as well as financial analysis using the ARGUS Enterprise (AE) software program.”
—REIT client


The sample assignments shown here provide an idea of the range of both William J. Cody Realty Advisors' capabilities and clients.

While this is the core of what we do, we're not limited to these services.

Lease Abstraction

Real Estate Investment Bank

Cash Flow Reviews

Real Estate Developer

Investment Analysis

Real Estate Investor

Discounted Cash Flow - Creation

Real Estate Appraiser

Offering Memorandum Review

Real Estate Broker

Lease Abstract Form - Feedback

Real Estate Investor


Real Estate Investment Bank


Privately Held Real Estate Investment Firm